Namaste Dost

Namaste – vedic sanskrit word – the sacred in me recognises the sacred in you

Dost – Hindi word for friend

One thought, One second, One person…

The intention behind Namaste Dost is to attempt to positively influence one thought, for one second in one person at a time.

Science has been trying to prove for years how many thoughts an average person has in one day. Much has been researched, written, speculated and disputed on this topic. The search for the answer will never come to an end. The reason for this might be the realisation that human beings are constantly evolving.

In our world full of noise, we do not often have the time to think about the higher purpose of our life. From time to time, since human life began, Mother Earth has been sending us a divine teacher who gathers up the masses and brings about global change. We learn, but we forget in the process of living and lifestyle.

The purpose of my humble effort is to be a small facilitator of One Thought, for One Second in One Person at a time. There is much we all learn as we go through life, but at times we all need subtle reminders of valuable lessons learnt and things that matter most in our lives. My aim is to gently remind those I reach of what they already know. If I can come close to achieving this, I will be blessed into usefulness towards my fellow human beings.

Namaste Dost