Namaste Dost

Namaste – vedic sanskrit word – the sacred in me recognises the sacred in you

Dost – Hindi word for friend

Your #SoulFul Akashic Record Reading Practitioner

Why Soulful?

Because I live by the unifying virtue that the Sacred in me recognises the Sacred in you. I am totally invested in empowering the wisdom seeker to take baby steps towards personal transformation & prosperity and therby live their best human experience.

Why Akashic Records Reading?

Because the information that we tap into from our Records Keepers and Guides is not available to us at our 4th dimensional intellectual level.  We are multi-dimensional beings and play out our lives in multiple dimensions at the same time.  Quantum Physics recognises 10 Dimensions.  Our physical body is at the 3rd dimension, our mind is at the 4th dimension and records of our Soul journey and the choices our Soul has made over past lifetimes can be found in the vibrational field of the 5th dimension.  It is through the Readings in the Akashic Records that we can see where our lives are stuck at this present moment.  We begin to see the patterns of self-sabotage that disempower us and show up as lack in our human experience.  With this knowledge we can finally make the changes that bring prosperity into our lives.

Why me?

Because our energies are working in synchronicity.  I accept that each Soul has chosen to explore their own human experience and I have profound reverence for their journey.  My aim as an Akashic Reading Practitioner is to ask for guidance from your Record Keepers and Guides about where you are in your life at the current moment and how you can make the changes that you desire. You as the wisdom seeker will receive healing, guidance and powerful messages from your Record Keepers and Guides and I as the Akashic Reading Practitioner will receive further spiritual insight.

I access the Akashic Records with two different modalities.

  • Live Akashic Records Reading – As an intuitive and a channel  I will access the Akashic Records with you.  Having an Akashic Reading allows the Records to work with your inner healer in ways that are most beneficial to you.  It is grounding, nourishing and reassuring to be guided by the Masters, Teacher and Loved Ones in the Akashic Records.  Being in the energy of your Records in itself will carry healing whether or not you are aware. This is a tranquil and serene experience and I will guide you with a mediation to find your True Peaceful Self.  You will then receive guidance from your Record Keepers and will be invited to ask them specific questions about our life.  Your Record Keepers and Guides love you and will only share with you information that your Soul is ready to receive.  This is a truly profound experience and will leave you energised and grateful for the gifts of you have received from the Universe.  – £75.00 for a 45 minute session
  • Soul Realignment™ Modality – To know where we are going, we must first know where we came from.  This is the vital information that we can access with the Soul Realignment™ modality of the Akashic Records.  Soul Realignment™ goes deep into learning about your Soul blueprint and your Divine gifts.  When you know what your Divine gifts are you can make choices based on your talents and gifts which will bring immense abundance into your life.  We also dig deep into your Records to find what present and past life blocks and restriction are disempowering you, as a consequence of which you might be experiencing lack in your life – £150.00 for a 75 minute presentation.

Both Sessions Offer – £200.00

Namaste Dost

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Your questions, answered

Yoga & Peace

Yoga & Peace

Question by Alisha Shah, UK:
I have been practising yoga for 3 years but peace of mind still evades me. Why?
Answer by your #soulfulfriend:
Yoga is, “skill in action”. Yoga is an active physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practice taking us toward finding our deepest, purest Self…

Ego or Jealousy?

Ego or Jealousy?

Question by anonymous:
Why can’t people be upfront, why do people sneak? Is it ego at play or plain jealousy?
Answer by Soulful friend:
Try and understand others rather than trying to make them understand you. That way you will be able to rise about your own frustrations and help them too…