Ego or Jealousy?

Question by anonymous

Why can’t people be upfront, why do people sneak? Is it ego at play or plain jealousy?

Answer by your #Soulfulfriend

Try and understand others rather than trying to make them understand you.  That way you will be able to rise about your own frustrations and help them too.  Remember, we are all on our own journey and learn things at our own pace.  If you are patient with those who upset you, you give them your best and help them change.  In the process you change yourself too.  Everyone deserves our love, compassion and patience.  Ultimately, no one is perfect and we are all products of our own experiences.  So, my humble advice is stay in your own zen space, send them good wishes and heaps of healing.  When you feel calmer, forgive them and remove the toxicity from your energy.

Sending you a bundle full of love and healing energy always.

Namaste Dost

Kavita Pal

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