In the midst of the clanking, the swishing and the splashing,

Washing, scrubbing and scratching,

Hot soapy water aiding the cleaning,

My restless mind fails to fathom the meaning.

Days, weeks, months & years have passed,

I stand by the sink my patience surpassed,

How do I calm my mind from this blast,

And into the realms of peace make it cast?

The musings begin and wonder sets in,

Mind starts to settle, I tune out the din,

As I wash, clean and scrub I wander within,

Calming thoughts and patience, they help me win.

Washing dishes results from cooking and eating,

Shared with family and friends meeting,

Surrounded by love during this seating,

What is more precious, these moments are fleeting.

As I rinse dishes that aid nourishment,

I wash away sins, encourage enrichment,

Spiritual journey requires commitment,

Musings at the sink offers encouragement.

With love, reverence and patience renewing,

I realise the values of brewing and stewing,

The dishes send myriads of lessons whilst queuing,

It all depends on the mind’s eye and its viewing.

Namaste Dost – Kavita Pal

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