I read the above text on one of my posts this morning and I began to reflect on what this post might mean to me, a very ordinary human being.  The deeper I thought about it, the more I realised that it might resonate with someone who is on a spiritual journey, but then how many of us are? 

For the majority of us, isn’t this statement very disempowering?  What message is it sending to 90% of us?  “Relax” – the dictionary meaning of which is “make or become less tense or anxious”!  So, this statement is already assuming that we are tense and anxious.  “Nothing is under Control”- now we are truly in deep waters.  Not only are we tense and anxious, nothing is under control either!  Also, what feelings arise in us when we hear the word “control”?  When I searched for the dictionary meaning, this is what I found, “the power to influence or direct people’s behaviour or the course of events”.

 I wonder if you can see where I am going with this?  Words like, “nothing and control” can stir negative emotions in us.  We are now, through this statement engaging in setting out a negative intention. The more I thought about this, the more it unsettled me.  I could not see this as a positive statement even if I only focused on the use of its vocabulary.  Yet it is floating around the world creating ripples that none of us can see but all of us feel through the vibration it sends out into the Universe.

If we are going to be bombarded by statements such as these, should they not come with words that also empower us? Words that resonate with the positive and magnetic energy of the Universe? It is scientifically proven that the words we say out aloud and surround ourselves with have a very profound effect on our subconscious.  We set out our intentions for ourselves and the world around us through the choice of our words.  We human beings are surrounded by noise at all levels. We have little time to think and reflect.  Therefore, when we read a statement that slightly resonates with our way of thinking we embrace it and it becomes part of our psyche whether we realise the effect of it on a deeper level or not.  We then begin to share it and forward it to everyone we know and before we know it, it has become a part of our collective consciousness.  But the choice of words is not just negative it’s also disempowering. These words step us away from taking responsibility for the consequences of our choices through free will. 

I thought about how I could convey the same message with the use of slightly positive words.  This is my very humble effort. “Surrender to the Infinite intelligence of the Universe.  All is in Divine Order and Complete Harmony”. This mantra empowers us to go with the flow of the natural order of life and to trust it’s superior intelligence. With constant practice, we will begin to notice how everything is in order and there is no need for control. 

Sadly, this is a journey most of us, we seldom walk. 

Namaste Dost.

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