Today, as I meditated on my root chakra I was hit by an unimaginable sense of connection.  As I sent healing love to my ancestors I was struck by the enormity of this connection.  Whilst I was sending thoughts of healing and love towards those who walked before me, I was taken back to lives lived thousands of years ago.  I could not fathom how far reaching my roots are and could barely understand what lives those who made it possible for me to be here today might have lived.  For me to be alive in the 21st century what courage and sacrifices did my ancestors make?

I can remember, if I am lucky, three generations of my ancestors, but what about folks before that? I felt sickened to the core of my being that I had never given them any thought. I felt such a huge connection with them that I was overwhelmed by my shame of never ever having thought of them, never mind express any gratitude.  I could picture their ordinary lives, perhaps in very difficult situations.  I wondered if any of my ancestors had been committed to Sati (ancient traditon of burning women on the funeral pyre at the death of the husband). I thought about how they might have survived various wars and natural disasters.  I envisaged how their frugal lives might have played out.  I wondered what they might have been doing during the times of Lord Buddha and all the Ascended Masters who walked the plains of the Subcontinent of India.  I tired to think of how they might have survived whilst the subcontinent was being conquered by one foreign rule after another?  I was so awestruck by this realisation that it made me feel totally fatigued at 8.30 in the morning. I am reeling by this realisation.  What I totally find disgusting and unacceptable is how I have never once given them any thought, any reverence or any gratitude.  Why am I so taken up by the outside events of my life that I have never once thought about the impact they have had not just on my life but also that of my future generations?  How strong would they have been that we carry their genes and experience life through them thousands of years later?

From this day onwards I promise myself that my ancestors will be in my thoughts and prayers daily.  I bow to their pain, their hurts, their trauma, their love, their kindness, their laughter and their unconditional love for me. I feel their energy around me now as I sit at my desk and pen my thoughts. They are grateful that I thought of them.  I already feel less tired, just by penning my thoughts. My ancestors will heal and thrive through my love as will I, and my future generations.

I stand strong & grounded on my Ancestors’ Shoulders.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Namaste Dost.

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