Early morn, pure hour,

Cold, crisp, clear dawn,

The world sleeps, silence invites,

Tranquil time to reflect,

Undisturbed space to awaken,

The Body, the Mind, the Soul.

In the quiet before daybreak,

The birds call out,

They sing harmoniously to each other,

In the stillness of dawnlight,

My placid heartbeat quickens,

I calm it, and then…

Oh, golly, they are talking to me,

The mind recalls,

In my darkest hours I have reached out to them,

Like an old friend they have been by my side,

But this morning what is their message,

As I sit enthralled by their melody?

SO OM“I am not Body, I am not Mind,

I am Soul”,

SO OM“You are not Body, you are not Mind,

You are Soul”,

They urge me to be mindful of their “Buddha Nature”,

And implore me to remember mine.

I sit awhile listening to their chirping,

Soaking in this profound message,

Reflecting on its meaning,

Bathing my senses in its warm comfort,

Then totally invigorated,

I go forth to enjoy the day.


Namaste Dost

Kavita Pal

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