Namaste Dost

Namaste – vedic sanskrit word – the sacred in me recognises the sacred in you

Dost – Hindi word for friend

Your #SoulFulfriend offering compassionate, deep and meaningful suggestions.

Sometimes in life, you just face situations that can throw you into a spin. They can be simple things that make you feel that you’re just not good enough, or perhaps that you’re not getting it quite right, so life feels out of balance.

If too many of these things happen at once, it can make you feel anxious, even depressed.

I want to help you find a way through so that you can live your best life and a blessed life.

Bless me into usefulness” that is my daily humble prayer to the Universe. Having spent many years being a SoulFul friend to my children, my friends and my colleagues, I am now ready to reach out to those who could make use of the knowledge I have accumulated over 45 years.

We spend our entire lives navigating the trial and tribulations of life. Sometimes it is good to have someone to talk to who can assist us in an objective manner.

Whilst I have no formal training, I can become your SoulFul friend. I may not have the answers to your problems, that is not what I or indeed anyone can do. But, during my lifetime I have helped many people just by assisting them to look within and understand what can be done about certain situations. Friends and family may be too close to you to be able to do this, so let me be the person you turn to when you just need an ear to listen and someone to give you the strategies you need to help you through the ups and downs that life throws at all of us.


Start your journey

To start your own personal journey into the realms of compassion and peaceful existence , all you need to do is email me here so we can have our initial chat. Do let me know a few times that are good for you, where you know that you’ll have 10 undisturbed quiet minutes.

 Why me?

The journey towards self-discovery began for me many lifetimes ago. However, in this life-time, I have been asking questions about the purpose of my existence and the relationship I have with other sentient beings since I was 11 years old, which is 45 years! When I was 11 years old I saw a chicken being caught and then its head being cut to be sold as meat. I saw the anguish and the trembling of the body for a long time until there was nothing. The vendor then very casually tidied up the chicken, put it in a bag and sold it for a few pennies! I was horrified. My mind was flooded by many burning questions. These questions never stopped. The” why”, the “how “and the “what” of our journey of life relentlessly pounded my brain. In 1982 when I was 18 years old I was writing poetries on titles such as, “Quest for Life”, “An Artificial world”, “I Wish I Could See the Inside of a Tear” etc. All of these I will publish on my website in the not too distant future.

As time marched on I entered the phase of my life where I became a wife, a mother and a home-maker. It is during this phase of my life that I began to understand the importance of unconditional love and patience of the Gods. I started to truly grasp the meaning of words such as selflessness. The suffering that this phase of my life brought my way made me reach out further to find answers. The books that put themselves in my path slowly helped me to begin to comprehend where my struggles begin from and how to attempt to tackle them.

I feel now I am ready to shine the light further, to help others and in the process begin my journey into, “usefulness”.

I look forward to being useful to you.

Namaste Dost

Kavita Pal


Your questions, answered

Yoga & Peace

Yoga & Peace

Question by Alisha Shah, UK:
I have been practising yoga for 3 years but peace of mind still evades me. Why?
Answer by your #soulfulfriend:
Yoga is, “skill in action”. Yoga is an active physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practice taking us toward finding our deepest, purest Self…

Ego or Jealousy?

Ego or Jealousy?

Question by anonymous:
Why can’t people be upfront, why do people sneak? Is it ego at play or plain jealousy?
Answer by Soulful friend:
Try and understand others rather than trying to make them understand you. That way you will be able to rise about your own frustrations and help them too…