Today during my morning run I realised that now, more than ever before I need to reach out to my fellow beings. I have a deep urge to be of use to everyone I meet, be it in my real or virtual world. My simple prayer to the Universe is, “bless me into usefulness”.

“Namaste Dost” is my heartfelt greeting to all. Namaste carries a deep meaning. There is a profound purity in this greeting.

“Namaste” simply put, is a Vedic term which means, “the sacred in me recognises the sacred in you”. Namaste is performed by pressing the palms of the hands together. The hands are held near the heart chakra with thumbs resting lightly against the sternum. This allows the pure energy to travel from the heart and then through the hands to the person being greeted. The bowing of the head while greeting someone with “namaste” literally means,”I bow to the divine in you”. Namaste is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another.

“Dost” is a hindi word for “friend”.

Since social distancing is the order of the day and we cannot meet each other with a warm hug, then I suggest, we greet each other with the unconditional love of “Namaste Dost”.

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