After a busy day when all our senses have been stimulated to the maximum, finding half an hour before bed-time to re-set is imperative to a good night’s sleep. Dim lights and soft meditation music will help you to get into your Zen space. Use diffusers, this should give out some mild fragrance which is very gentle on the senses.

Before meditation, we have suggested some bed-time stretches. These simple stretches coupled with a subtle connection with each breath can help the body get into a state of deep relaxation. After the “legs up the wall” pose, sit in a comfortable position on the floor and close your eyes. Breathe deeply -in through your nose and out through your mouth as you try to clear your mind of all thoughts. If any thoughts come to you, receive them gracefully and then let them go. Be patient and kind to yourself. Tell yourself that you accept who you are totally and wholly. You are enough and you are grateful. The Universe is on your side and life has a way of working itself out. Have faith in the grand plan. Focus on each breath coming and going until you become one with your breath.

Doing this for 15 minutes per day is ideal, but even a few minutes of meditation is better than nothing!

Remember your bed-time ritual is your time to connect with your inner-self and ultimately with your Universe. Try not to compromise this me-time. Most people find that this one simple ritual helps them achieve undisturbed sleep and brings immense peace.

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