Injury,” thought the butterfly
As she circled the hard rock,
I’m fragile, I’m light, I’m delicate,
The rock looks stiff and unbreakable,
Landing on the rock will hurt me”!

Stunning,” thought the hard rock,
Watching the butterfly flutter,
I have energy, I have memory, I have vibration
Come and sit by my side
And I will teach you much about life”.

They heard each other without saying a word,
The gentle and lively butterfly,
Hesitantly, willing to take a risk,
Precariously perched on the rock,
Complete with courage.

The rock was unmoving, the rock felt hot,
It was rigid, unyielding and tough,
The butterfly held her ground,
Filled with faith and confidence,
To soften the heart of the rock.

Finally, the butterfly became one with the rock,
Though the rock was relentless and difficult,
The delicate spirit of the butterfly persevered,
I’m happy, I’m content, I’m winning,
The risk was worth taking”.

You trusted in me, you had faith, you embraced me,
For you I have softened my hold”, said the hard rock,
Our spirit and our life,
A butterfly and hard rock,
Look within to learn the lesson!

Kavita Pal
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