Having an amazing morning routine is one of the best things we can do in our life. If we get really good at morning routines, we’ll experience a huge shift in the way our day flows. Getting into the habit of spending  5 minutes doing the simple stretches suggested below will help us all gather our thoughts in a calm and meditative way to start our day. This is especially true for when we are away from our normal environment. At our holistic bed and breakfast in Oxford, most of the bedrooms are large enough to allow you to comfortably engage in these stretches.

Try and set your alarm 10 minutes before you need to be awake. This will ensure that you start your day completely relaxed in a state of gratitude to the Universe for a good night’s sleep. Try not to ever come out of sleep and jump into your day. Not only will that put you in a bad mood, it will also not be conducive to a happy day.

Try to do these stretches first thing every morning to ease away aches and pains, boost your mood and feel more alert. Whilst doing these stretches imagine that you are in your most favourite place in the world and no one can disturb you. If thoughts of daily chores arise, acknowledge them, put them to one side and go back to your favourite place of peace. Focus on each coming and going breath – it’s rising and falling. Give thanks for this connection with your breath and give it a colour that you follow. Focus your energy on the part of your body where you feel the stretch.

Overhead Stretch

Extend your arms over your head, feeling your body stretch from your toes to your fingertips.

Knee to Chest Stretch

Bring 1 knee to your chest, keeping the other leg bent. Do not raise your head or tense your neck. Engage with the stretch in your buttocks and lower back. Repeat with the opposite knee.

Hamstring Stretch

Hold one leg and pull it towards you, then straighten it as far as comfortable. Keep the other leg flat or bent on the bed. Engage with your hamstring lengthening. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Knees to Chest Stretch

Bring both knees to your chest and gently grasp your legs. Do not raise your head or tense your neck. Engage with the stretch in your buttocks and lower back.

Knee Roll Stretch

Slowly roll your knees to one side, keeping them together and ensuring both shoulders remain in contact with the bed at all times. Engage with the stretch in your lower back. Repeat on the opposite side.

Trunk Rotation Stretch

With your feet parallel and shoulders back and down, rotate your upper body to one side as far as comfortable without moving your hips. This stretch will help release stiffness in your lower back.

Chest Stretch

Shoulders back and down and hands on hips, push your chest up and out. Engage with your chest muscles lengthening.

Upper Back Stretch

Clasp both hands and extend your arms out in front of you at shoulder level. Look down and slightly round your back. Engage with the stretch between the shoulders.

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Sitting upright with both legs straight and hip-width apart or closer, bend from the hips, bringing your chest towards your thighs keeping a straight back. Engage with your hamstrings lengthening.

Side Stretch

Hands on hips, cross your right leg in front of your left leg. Raise your left arm and reach towards the right side. Engage with the stretch across your side. Repeat on the opposite side.

Forward Bend Hamstring Stretch

Feet parallel and hip-width apart, bend from the waist, bringing your chest towards your thighs, keeping your legs and back straight. Engage with the stretch in your hamstrings.

By following this simple and holistic approach to our day we stop living by default. We start meditating, visualizing, and strategically planning out our goals. We then begin living our days on a higher plane of activity and attitude. After a good wake-up routine you will be ready to enjoy all that this World has to offer.

Wishing you heaps of luck and sending you blessings of the Universe.

Kavita Pal

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