Outside noise and clutter hinders the Inner Silence from embarking on a journey of Contemplation.  To give our best to the ones we love, we first need to find the best in our-self. 

Modern life has introduced incredible busyness. As we go through life in a constant state of being busy, we have no time to look inwards. Furthermore, many of us live in fear of silence, afraid that quite time might propel us into reflection.  Contemplation makes us look within.  It urges us to search for our natural state of being.

What would we find when we are jolted out of our reverie by the sensational events which constantly lure us? If we glimpse within, what realisation would dawn upon us? Our findings might compel us to change.  Where would we find the time to affect change?  Most of us have convinced ourselves that we are extremely content and happy with the way our life is.  Why would we want to warrant unease by unnecessarily delving into the depth of the inner self? These can be very distressing thoughts.  To avoid these feeling of uncertainty, we stay in the repetitive cycle of going from pillar to post, not allowing ourselves to stop for a miniscule of a second, just in case, silence comes and haunts us into pondering about the purpose of our existence.

If the truth be known, the journey into the search for our personal reality is effortless and straightforward.  Initially it requires us to invest 5 minutes a day for the purpose of our betterment! We are all driven by the desire to care for our family, friends and of course ourselves.  Have we ever stopped and thought, “to give our best to the ones we love, we must first find the best in our-self”?  By not embarking on our journey of self-awareness we are withholding the best we can offer of our -self from the very same people we are attempting to do our best for!  What an enlightening thought this is!  Embrace it for the simplicity of it and invest 5 minutes a day in quite-reflection, focusing on your incoming and outgoing breath.  This undemanding investment and manageable exercise will force open the door to your inner world.

Namaste Dost            

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