What do you remember as you stay and surrender,

Grasping the soil and metals so tender,

Your sturdy roots reach the core of the earth,

Imploring us all to know your worth.


Your branches extend in all directions,

Always maintaining a seamless connection.

You express your selfless gifts to humanity,

Urging us all to avoid calamity.


What do you whisper as I run fast,

I sense your energy wafting past.

I stop to breathe, marvel and listen,

Stare at the spirit of leaves as they glisten.


Standing beneath you and looking upwards,

Feeling the warmth of the sun seeping downwards,

I gaze as the branches of trees intertwine,

Absorbing the miracle of the Universe design.


I remember a plethora of eons gone by,

The humble tree said with a deepest of sighs.

I am but a life form; I give you my all,

A myriad of messages as I stand tall.


Kavita Pal

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