I can feel it in the atmosphere, in fact, many of us can.


Fed up with the new reality, missing old ways of life, waiting for the cinema, sports, gyms & travels to open and thrive again? Going to work, children trotting off to school, meeting family, hanging out with friends and enjoying meals out together are just some of the things we are all yearning for.  So much we all took for granted, heaps of excitement and enjoyment we all anticipated throughout our days, weeks, months and years.  Get the picture?

And, then the lockdown happened.  But human beings are survivors and we got on with the job of getting on with life, no matter what it threw at us.  Adapting, understanding, finding new skills, accepting change and notions such as these became the order of the day.  We smiled patiently, took all the precautions, threw ourselves into serving our brethren, revelled in spending time with our families and generally tried to become more virtuous. Still it grew, slowly to begin with but surely it grew.

But now, it is looming – Lockdown Dilemma – my very humble effort at a constant (because I need to remind myself several times a day) practise which I hope will help me understand what I am feeling and what I can say to myself to deal with it.

Wishing us all a very blessed and patient Lockdown.

Namaste Dost.


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