“Moderation is the only rule of a healthful life.  This means moderation in all things wholesome”. Herbert M. Shelton

During these critical and consequential times we should be reflecting upon how our choices affect our Mother Earth.  Too much destruction of our natural resources and excessive atrocities on other sentient beings has brought us face to face with self-isolation and social distancing.

“Moderation in our choices” is something we can all do to help create a better environment for ourselves and our future generations.

During this lockdown many of us have been graced with the time to reflect and comprehend the results of our actions.  When this difficult time has passed will we have learnt the lessons we are meant to learn and most importantly will be remember? Are we going to think of the greater good when we make our choices? Do our choices begin and end with our desire for excessive sensational gratifications?

Is it even possible to seek moderation for the gratification of our senses?  What drives us in this fast moving competitive world? How many material goods will get us to a level of satisfaction? Possessions, is that what drives us?  How much variety of food do we need, how exotic does the food have to be? Taste, is that what impels us? Does entertainment make us euphoric? Do we need outside stimulation to keep us engaged and entertained most of the time? Most of us are driven by the dream of a better future for our loved ones.

Each one of us believes that we should live our life the way we want to,“ live and let live” seems to be the mantra of the world, but what about the Universal Law that governs life? Can we change that? How many of our choices are in sync with the Universal Law?  Universal Law and truth which have existed since time began do not change with each individual’s whims and fancies.

Our body and our senses are a small part of our life as are our loved one.  Yet satisfying the needs of our body and senses and providing more for our loved ones takes up most of our thoughts and indeed our efforts.  We forget that these will be left behind when we leave for our heavenly abode and carry on dedicating a large part of our life, thoughts and effort to these impermanent entities.  In the process, we cause destruction to the earth.

So the question arises, how do we find this sought after moderation in life?  Making changes in the way we live and the choices we make might have a detrimental effect on our mental wellbeing.  Having said that, could we be more mindful when we make choices of what or how much we eat or how many items we buy or even how often we travel? This list is by no means exhaustive.  Will bringing moderation in our life and our choices make us feel deprived?  How do we come to terms with change?

It is actually quite simple.  It all begins with spending a few minutes a day exploring our inner self and finding out what really matters to us and what is important to live a fulfilling life. The time we spend in reflection will help us to understand and learn about our true, peaceful nature.  It is only when we stop the outside noise and look within our hearts that we will start to change our choices, our desires and our compelling bondage to subconscious habits which lead to the unlimited choices we make towards the gratification of sensual desires. It all begins with finding our own internal peace and our love towards all sentient beings.  Self-knowledge ultimately leads us toward making different choices. Slowly and steadily our choices begin to sync our energy with the Universal energy leading towards the healing of the world.

Moderation is the key to balance.  Achieving harmony between our choices and our desires in life is sublime.  Each day we should work at achieving that harmony.  We will be happy when we practise this consistently.

Whilst we are in the midst of these extraordinary times let us devote the precious gift of time to know our self a little better and in the process give a helping hand to the healing of our precious earth.  Being indifferent to the consequences of our choices upon the earth is a crime against our future generations.

 “Out of moderation a pure happiness springs” – Johann Von Goethe

Namaste Dost


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