Thoughts, stem of inner conflict,

Fact, or figment of imagination?

Illusion, or creation of the mind?

Swayed by outside influence?

Thoughts, reoccurring and endless,

Throwing us passionately from pillar to post,

Hurtling us in a volcano of passions galore,

Rendering us vulnerable and helpless,

Thoughts, grip and distress,

Analyse the various facets,

Each facet with multiple implications,

Catapulting us into the poison of stress!

Stop, take heed, be mindful,

Breathe in silence and quiet,

Breathe out confusion and chaos,

Silence – the tornado has gone!

Silence, untroubled and tranquil,

Holding our heart gently,

Stroking our head lovingly,

Sending vibrant energy through our body,

Silence, lightly caressing our soul,

Lifting our spirit into peace,

Unveiling, the flawless way,

Guiding us to the answer!

Silence, empty the mind slowly…

The mist disappears,

The murky waters clear,

The infinite sky opens.

Kavita Pal

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