There is immense pain in the world. Wherever we look there is distress. I feel choked at the sadness in the world. How can we justify all of this unhappiness? How can ordinary human beings carry on with their lives alongside unending destruction? Will the world come to an end when the balance is tipped from love to hate or will it be propelled towards a pure state of consciousness? Are there enough spiritual leaders past or present who can guide us? Is there substantial good to combat the evil destructive force in the world? Will the Universe show us a way to cleanse the earth of all sin? Many people in our awakening planet are seeking answers to questions such as these.

Yes we can work on ourselves, we can stay positive, work with the energy of the Universe, go with the flow of the energy, accept the things that come our way, accept the diabolical  wrongdoings of others, see good in heinous crimes of some, understand that the devilish acts of some people are here to teach us and are also part of the natural order of things, remove emotion from our own life and find the balance, look fear in the eye and dispel it, remain in the bubble of our own spirituality, understand that all of life, emotions and thoughts are only an illusion, that life and death are two sides of the same coin and complement each other, that the soul lives on through many lifetimes and that ALL is as it is meant to be, BUT the questions still remain……why is the world cocooned in unbearable agony and what can we do about it?

Amidst all of these questions, confusion and turbulence I compel myself to remember there is a force which is pivotal in its influence on the collective energy of the Universe – the force of consciousness.  There is an unequivocal ripple effect created by just one single person who lives a life filled with the understanding that we are not simply part of the planet – we are the planet and that we are connected to every single atom of the Universe. This is instrumental in arousing our collective awareness.  There is a larger force at play than most of us can comprehend.  This is the force of connectivity which has been around since consciousness began.

The undercurrent of change is strong and will rekindle the human mind to strive towards its highest potential. We are moving towards a desirable era of wellbeing and upward movement of human consciousness with many of us now aiming to follow some or all of the Noble Eightfold path of right understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration.

I take solace in the thought that the darkness is lifting, taking us towards a life of purity which is the natural order of life.  Until then…. we keep striving to find peace, joy and ultimate oneness on earth.

Namaste Dost


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