See the halo around every being.  Piety and purity exists in us all. Meditation helps us to connect with this basic nature which is inherent in all.

Meditation is not just in silence.  Find it in art where the colours paint the picture, in cooking where the correct ingredients make their way into the pot, in solutions to business problems which bring aha moments, in home life and social life where the heart finds solace.  Focusing on meditation enhances every aspect of life.

Meditation can be seen in the athlete when the correct stroke happens at the right time without any conscious effort, in the rich and the not so rich where the process unfolds of its own accord, the healthy and the not so healthy where different paths open up.  The magic of meditation surrounds the student deep in concentration, the teacher finding ways to find a solution, in a discussion with peers or those in authority.  Meditation is in prayers.

What is it that an avid traveller is searching for? The world beckons, there is a magnetic pull to bathe in the serenity that new pastures bring.  One after another and then another. Why is it never enough? Each captivating place of natural beauty propels us to find another. We try and capture these scenes in our minds eye, take photographs, but that deep feeling of pure joy evades us.  The reason for this is that pure, complete and infinite joy which is what ultimately fulfils us comes from within and cannot be found in external experiences which are simply a means of passing time. Meditation helps us to begin the journey of seeing this inner light which no external experience can bring.

Meditation is the beginning of finding pure and lasting joy that nothing can ever take away from us and nobody can destroy.  Meditation embraces every part of our life and enhances the essence of being alive. It brings positivity, joy, peace and purity into everything we do as we learn to live in meditation one breath at a time…

Meditation begins when we leave our seat of meditation.

Namaste Dost.

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